Ocean Kayaks and SUP's


Ocean Kayak  Malibu 11.5

Capacity: Single

Allure Boat Rentals would like to invite you to enjoy our top of the line sit-on-top kayaks by Ocean Kayak. Sleek and sporty, you will be gliding quickly across stretches of open water when you're at the helm of the Malivue 11.5. Comfortable seating with an open cockpit and easily-accessible bow storage make this boat particularly friendly to novice and intermediate paddlers who want to go a little further on the water.  Also perfect for small to medium anglers who wants a bit more cockpit room and hull efficiency.   

LENGTH: 1 2' 1" | 3.68 m
WIDTH:  28" | 71.1 cm
WEIGHT:  55 lbs | 25 kg
SEAT WIDTH:  21.5" | 54.6 cm
LEG LENGTH:  52" | 132.1 cm
MAX CAPACITY:  300-350 lbs | 136.1-158.8 kge

Never been in a kayak? Relax! With a low center of gravity and double bladed paddle, a kayak is easy to master. Our staff of experienced paddlers can quickly teach you what you need to know to go out and kayak with confidence and control.  You'll be planning your next trip before the first one is even over.



Ocean Kayak  Malibu Two XL

Capacity: Tandem

One of the most popular 2 seater sit on's in the world!  Actually has 3 seat wells which make it also ideal for solo paddling or taking on a third small person weight permitting. Suitable for lakes, slow rivers, bay waters, small ocean waves and also ideal for diving, and snorkeling from.. The Tri form hull gives it incredible stability and is great for messing about on waterways or ocean beach. 


Features:  Self bailing scupper holes, carrying end handles, gear straps, drain plug, three molded-in-seat wells, over-lapping foot wells and 2 comfort plus seats. Seats two adults, plus a small child or pet. Can also be paddled solo from center seat.
LENGTH: 12' 0" | 3.7 m
WIDTH:  34" | 86.4 cm
WEIGHT:  58 lbs | 26.3 kg
BOW SEAT WIDTH: 18.5" | 47.0
STERN SEAT WIDTH:  20.25" | 51.4 cm
CENTER SEAT WIDTH: 16.25" | 41.3 cm
BOW LEG LENGTH:  44" | 111.8 cm
STERN LEG LENGTH:  42" | 106.7 cm
CENTER LEG LENGTH:  42" | 106.7 cm
MAX CAPACITY:  375-425 lbs | 170.1-192.8 kg


Stand Up Paddle Boards

SUP Boards built for recreational use provide newbies and seasoned Stand Up Paddle Board veterans with a quality board that is perfect for any occasion on the water! The latest Hammer-Strength Technology from YOLO Board makes these SUPs lighter and stronger, while offering superior stability. All of this combined makes this board easy to use for all water conditions!