Captained Tours
Sunset Cruise                   * $250.00    

Life is hectic: we have endless “to-do” lists, appointments to keep, traffic jams, and impatient drivers.  We are hyper-connected to our phones and television images bombard us at every turn.  Help…Where can we find refuge?   A sunset cruise of course!  You will be mesmerized watching the most magical sunset you will ever cast your eyes upon while experiencing the sizzling water as the suns fading red and orange glow melts across the water into the Gulf of Mexico. The Florida Gulf Coast is known for its spectacular sunsets. People flock to view them from the beaches….but now, you can enjoy a relaxing sunset cruise while visually creating your own artist canvas. Bring your favorite beverages and snacks and make memories with a toast with your loved ones or friends to yet another perfect day in Florida. You choose the day or evening on this cruise that lasts 2 extraordinary hours. We depart two hours before sunset.   

* Maximum 6 Person Capacity    Please call us at 941-475- 2628 for more details and availability.
Dolphin Cruise                  * $250.00 

All hands aboard for the Dolphin Tour!  Guided Dolphin tours allow everyone on board to sit back, relax and take in all that the beautiful water expanses of South West Florida offers. One of the wonders of nature that you'll see first-hand is the large population of Bottle nosed Dolphins. Although it is not the only Dolphin species that may be seen it is the most common, this particular specie grows between 6 to 12 feet in length and can consume up to 20 pounds of fish per day.  Although it is illegal to feed them some their favorite snacks include Mullet, Sheepshead, Pinfish, Flounder and other invertebrates. The dolphin in the photo was playfully following behind the boat, so keep your eyes peeled and your cameras ready as these Dolphins travel both inshore and offshore and may be seen at any moment, time or place.  Feel free to bring your beverages and snacks to enjoy during the cruise.  

* Maximum 6 Person Capacity   Please call us at 941-475- 2628 for more details and availability.
Lunch or Dinner Cruise to Rum Bay   “It’s More than a Restaurant….It’s An Experience”

Palm Island is just off shore from mainland Florida. However, this short distance will transcend the mind and spirit to a location far removed from the normal mind set of everyday activities with secluded beaches awaiting an intimate time for just the two of you or your entire family.  No crowds, no noise, just quiet, tranquil surroundings await you. While here, you should make every effort to experience the charm and cuisine of Rum Bay Restaurant. Rum Bay is located within the vaunted Palm Island Resort. Rum Bay Restaurant’s claim to fame is their special and secret Swamp Sauce baby back ribs. These one-of-a-kind ribs have won numerous regional awards. They also offer fresh seafood entrées as well as gourmet hamburgers. This tropical island-style and family oriented restaurant offers a full service bar to wet the whistle for all guests of all ages.   Maximum 6 Person Capacity.  Please call us at 941-475- 2628 for more details and availability.